Solutions for Industrial Robots

3D Visual Workplace Recognition & Visual Grasping

Our system is trained to detect workplace objects using a Deep Object Detector. Using Deep Robotic Grasping, these are then grasped, handled and manipulated, just as a human would, without thousands of lines of carefully crafted code for each scenario. 

Human Safety System 

Industrial robots are most effective when they collaborate with human beings. Using 3D Time of Flight sensors we attach to the robots, we scan the environment and detect the presence of workers. This triggers safety mechanisms based on proximity, which are enforced by overwriting the control code. This will allow the robots to come out of the cage and improve productivity in collaboration with humans. Let humans do what they are best at and leave the dangerous and repetitive work to the robots. 

Human Robot Interface

Track human pose and use gesture recognition techniques to allow real time interaction between human and robot. Take advantage of the possibilities of seamless collaboration. 

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