Social Distancing & PPE Monitoring Solution in Construction & Heavy Industry using Computer Vision

We’re all optimistic that in the coming weeks, we’ll be able to emerge from Shelter-In-Place restrictions and resume building America’s future. Yet, as we do so, it will have to be with the safety of our workforce, and their friends & family, as our top priority.

On one hand, we need to continue building the facilities & infrastructure that keep us strong. And we need to continue investing in residential and commercial sectors to keep the economy moving forward. But, how do we do so while simultaneously ensuring that our workers will be safe ? Construction sites, by their very nature, require close coordination. In addition, sub-contractors & employees work with different crews on the site, and may not always be informed as to the safety practices followed by other crews. Project owners, suppliers, & contractors are also at risk due to on-site exposure.

Recently, our team has been thinking about what we could do to help to get our country back to work, while protecting the workers who will make that happen.

Reflective AI’s breakthrough “Deep Activity Recognition” technology is uniquely suited to assist the construction & manufacturing industries in a number of ways, from equipment & project monitoring to personnel safety. Given our expertise both in video-based analysis & construction, we believe our platform can be a valuable tool in ensuring that all stakeholders stay safe while continuing the important work of building our future. Therefore, we have augmented our AI platform to monitor worker safety in the context of Covid-19, in real time by processing video feeds from the site, using deep learning algorithms. The system will monitor for rules in effect within respective State/County/Local jurisdictions, as well as guidelines set forth by the AGC, such as social or physical distancing. This will also enable owners & developers to track compliance on their sites, while minimizing personal exposure.

Our system automatically detects people in the camera feed using deep learning algorithms & determines the distance between each individual. When the distance is less than the 6-ft/2m spacing recommended by CDC, AGC and other groups, the system detects this & delivers notifications based on violation of social distancing guidelines on the site. These alerts can be seen by onsite forepersons & also by remote management (both company & union representatives where appropriate) via an app & web-based dashboard.

Our system is further able to automatically detect PPE usage/compliance, frequency of sanitizing commonly used areas, and more. Ultimately, our technology allows all stakeholders to ensure that the jobs get done, but most importantly, that they get done safely.

Contractors & other site managers may wonder what video sources our system uses as inputs. In some cases, existing coverage (from security or crane cameras) is sufficient. In others, where existing camera coverage is not sufficient, our solution includes inexpensive video capture. And, while cloud connectivity is widely available, for areas in which communications infrastructure is not reliable, we have specifically architected our platform to use edge processing.

Finally, it’s critical to note that we take worker and individual privacy seriously. So, our technology can be configured to anonymize individual workers while still delivering the information critical for ensuring the health & safety of workers & management alike given the realities of new world in which we live.

The use case mentioned above is for monitoring compliance on construction sites. But our technology is equally applicable for manufacturing plants, warehouses, grocery stores, & other retail. Regardless of your particular environment, we look forward to connecting with you. We invite you to contact us at for more information and to discuss how, together, we can build a safer workplace.

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