Why Telemetric Sensors may not be enough - The Case for Computer Vision in Construction

Recently, several attempts have been made to address construction’s productivity challenge. There has been an impressive number of startups focused on construction tech, in Silicon Valley and beyond. A large number of solutions are making it easy to digitize tasks once measured by a construction site operator or surveyor. Solutions such as PlanGrid and Fieldwire are seeing great adoption. These allow efficient collaboration between different stakeholders, such as supervisors, site managers and the crew by use of tablets and cellphones. These are great steps towards digitizing and managing the data, and making it easily accessible. While above solutions are necessary, they still do not solve

Digging into the roots of Construction’s Productivity Challenge

The construction sector is projected to grow to $15.5 trillion globally by 2030. There are huge opportunities to take advantage of, in this sector, in the coming years. It is projected that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. It is also estimated that a $56 trillion investment is required globally over the next decade to keep up with the global GDP growth. We need to solve tough challenges including fixing aging infrastructure in developed countries, including the United States. While in the developing world, much needs to be done in terms of providing adequate infrastructure, and basic needs such as access to clean water. However, productivity in construction has lagg

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