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5 Ways Video AI Gives You The Winning Edge In Safety

Deep Activity Recognition® Technology for Safety Risk Management, developed in leading US research labs

Construction injuries cost $13 B every year with $5 B in fatalities and $8 B in nonfatal injuries. The indirect costs are 17 times the direct costs.

Source: CPWR 


Savings per injury avoided

National Safety Council


Additional services sold to offset cost / injury



Days lost to injuries 

National Safety Council

Foster a Culture of Safety Among All Stakeholders with Reflective AI's Galileo® Platform


Reduce Exposure to Avoidable Risk


Empower Safety Professionals


Easy Reporting  & Compliance

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Helping Customers Stay Compliant

Director of Innovation, ENR 30 GC

“Being one of the largest construction companies globally, measuring and improving safety metrics on the job site is absolutely essential for us. Reflective AI’s technology checks various boxes for what we look for in a solution including reliable performance, construction domain focus and flexibility w.r.t. our workflows. They are a terrific team to work with and I would recommend their solutions to any contractor who wants 21st century solutions on their job-site ! “

Safety Manager

Executive Leadership



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