Video Recognition For Intelligent Field Insights

Concrete Metrics to Measure Complex Industrial Operations

If you can’t measure it,

you can’t improve it!


of job site operations have been hard to measure. 

We are changing that ..

The technology behind self-driving cars is now powering situational awareness on the job site ..

Our Solutions

Construction Safety Compliance on Autopilot

Construction injuries cost $13B every year with $5B in fatalities and $8B in nonfatal injuries. The indirect costs are 17 times the direct costs. One of the top challenges in safety management is that the vast majority of OSHA-defined safety violations have been overwhelming to digitize & measure with traditional solutions. Manual data entry is inadequate and subjective. Reflective AI's Galileo®  platform proactively measures safety metrics, including near-misses, hazardous conditions and compliance to safety protocols. Our solution covers over 70% of OSHA's most frequently cited violations. 

Tracking Productivity in Construction

Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 % longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 % over budget. Add to this the woes of labor shortage. With so much at stake, the need to digitize and measure human activity and equipment activity in construction has never been higher. Our solution helps you monitor productivity at the construction site. Identify quality issues swiftly. Get alerted to potential hazards. Track & compare productivity of various sub contractors. Anticipate when a project is likely to go over budget.  



"Digitization of labor intensive & analog processes in construction is critical for the industry. Reflective AI's solution is filling this gap ."

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