Our Story

We are a team of World Class Engineers with a resolve to solve tough problems in the industry. Our team includes PhDs from top Universities in the USA.

Our Vision

There is a huge blindspot in monitoring industrial scale construction, manufacturing & other operations, which is that there is just no easy way to track & measure unstructured operations in diverse environments. This includes human operations, and even many equipment operations. Current systems are limited to manual data logging. This does not provide the granularity and accuracy required to quantify and improve operations. Our mission is to solve this problem using cutting edge computer vision applied to video feeds of the operation. 


Recognizing action from unstructured videos is a tough challenge. Our smart team of computer vision scientists is addressing this problem and already made big strides. Our stack includes latest advancements in vision algorithms and action recognition. 



Measuring Human Operations

70% of tasks in factories are performed by humans, yet there is no effective way to measure productivity & quality. As a result, critical decisions including hiring, planning & automation are often made based on insufficient or inaccurate data. Our solution analyzes live video feed of operations in physical spaces to quantify them. Our advanced algorithms perform image processing in real time to provide smart task recognition. This provides fine-grained visibility into operations, while providing accurate data for productivity, quality and traceability. 


Tracking Productivity in Construction 

According to McKinsey, large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget. Add to this the woes of labor shortage. With so much at stake, the need to digitize and measure human activity and equipment activity in construction has never been higher. Our solution helps you monitor productivity at the construction site. Identify quality issues swiftly. Get alerted to potential hazards. Track & compare productivity of various sub contractors. Anticipate when a project is likely to go over budget.  

Vice President, SAP

"The missing link in Industrial Automation"